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About the journal

The journal publishes original articles as short notes and full-length papers and reviews on the topics relevant to its scope. The aim of the journal is to advance and disseminate knowledge in the relevant areas of environmental science & engineering. The topics covered by the journal include Environmental microbiology/biotechnology, environmental engineering and technology, pollution control, environmental regulations, etc. For detailed subject classification/topics and to know the scope of JESE, please refer guide for author’s and subject classification.

Aims and Scope
The scope of this journal covers Environmental Science and Engineering and the related areas. The journal intends to timely disseminate information related to the monitoring of the environmental status across the country and abroad, innovative and effective S&T solutions to environmental and natural resource problems, significant R&D activities in the field of environmental science and technology, environmentally sound technologies and policy analysis. The journal aims at publishing both review and research articles in the field of environmental science and engineering. Case studies and short communications are also published to inform about the hazards and risks likely to occur to the people and environment due to certain materials, and the ways of controlling these hazards and associated risks. Various topics covered in the journal include: air quality monitoring, modeling and management; air pollution control; source management and apportionment studies; carrying capacity based developmental planning; soil and water chemistry, monitoring and management of land degradation; river and lake ecosystem studies; application of fly ash, sewage, sludge and mine tailing on land; ecological approaches to improve ecological and socio-economic values of land-use systems; integrated natural resource management; conservation and sustainable management of underground biodiversity, remote sensing applications in environmental geo-science; ground water and rain water harvesting; water and waste water treatment; solid and hazardous waste management; eco-friendly technologies; waste land management; biodiversity assessment; biogeochemistry of rivers and estuaries; pollution chemistry, particularly metal speciation and bioavailability in water and soil systems; PAHs and volatile organics in atmosphere; environmental analytical methodologies: monitoring and modeling of urban noise; environmental impact and risk assessment studies; environmental audit studies; chemical process simulation and development; environmental policies; bioremediation and biodegradation studies; environmental biotechnology and genomics studies; research on environmental materials, etc.

The Vision
 Journal of Environmental Science & Engineering endeavors to become a leading medium for the dissemination of scientific and technical information in environmental science and engineering

The Mission
 To provide environmental scientific information with the description of timely, contemporary advances in environmental science and engineering, and management for use in improving our environment.are seatgeek tickets legit


Dr Rakesh Kumar
Email Id: r_kumar@neeri.res.in
CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute,
Nagpur, India

Executive Adviser

Prof Ashok Pandey
Distinguished Scientist
Email Id: ashok.pandey1@iitr.res.in
CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research,
Lucknow, India

Managing Editor

Dr Sunil Kumar
Designation: Principal Scientist & Head
Email Id: s_kumar@neeri.res.in
CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute,
Nagpur, India


Prof Sang-Hyoun Kim
Associate Professor (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Yonsei University,
South Korea

Prof Giorgio Mannina

Associate Professor (ICAR/03)
Email Id: giorgio.mannina@unipa.it
University of Palermo,

Dr Jai Shankar Pandey
Chief Scientist
Email Id: js_pandey@neeri.res.in
CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute,
Nagpur, India
Dr Eldon Raj
Senior Lecturer in Resource Recovery Technology
Email Id: e.raj@un-ihe.org
IHE Delft Institute for Water Education,
Delft, Netherlands
Prof Mukesh Khare
Email Id: mukeshk@civil.iitd.ac.in
Indian Institute of Technology,
New Delhi, India

Editorial Board Members

Prof Cristobal Noe Aguilar
Email Id: cristobal.aguilar@uadec.edu.mx
Autonomous University of Coahuila,
Saltillo, Mexico
Dr Thallada Bhaskar
Senior Principal Scientist
Email Id: tbhaskar@iip.res.in
CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum,
Dehradun, India
Prof Amit Bhatnagar
Email Id: amit.bhatnagar@uef.fi
University of Eastern Finland,
Kuopio, Finland
Dr Parmeshwaran Binod
Senior Scientist
Email Id: binodkannur@niist.res.in
CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology,
Trivandrum, India
Prof Pratim Biswas
Email Id: pbiswas@wustl.edu
University of Washington,
Prof Xuan-Thanh Bui
Designation: Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering
Email Id: bxthanh@hcmut.edu.vn
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology,
Viet Nam
Prof Sanjeev Chaudhari
Centre for Environmental Science & Engineering
Email Id: sanjeev@iitb.ac.in
Indian Institute of Technology,
Mumbai, India
Prof Benjamas Cheirsilp
Email Id: benjamas.che@psu.ac.th
Prince of Songkla University,
Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand
Dr Sukumar Devotta
Email Id: sdevotta@gmail.com
CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute,
Nagpur, India
Prof Cheng Di Dong
Email Id: dong3762@mail.nkmu.edu.tw
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology,
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Prof Suresh Kumar Dubey
Email Id: skdubey@bhu.ac.in
Banaras Hindu University,
Varanasi, India
Prof Edgard Gnansounou
Designation: Professor
Email Id: edgard.gnansounou@epfl.ch
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de
Lausanne, Switzerland
Prof Samir Khanal
Professor (Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering)
Email Id: khanal@hawaii.edu
University of Hawaii,
Honolulu, USA
Prof Sunil Kumar Khare
Dean R&D & Institute Chair Professor of Biochemistry
Enzyme and Microbial Biochemistry Lab
Department of Chemistry
Email Id: skkhare@chemistry.iitd.ac.in
Indian Institute of Technology,
New Delhi, India
Dr Gopalkrishnan Kumar
Email Id: gopalakrishnan.kumar@uis.no
University of Stavanger,
Stavanger, Norway
Prof Christian Larroche
Professor and Dean
Email Id: christian.larroche@uca.fr
Universite Clermont Auvergne,
Clermont Ferrand, France
Prof Keat Teong Lee
Director (Research Creativity & Management Office)
Email Id: ktlee@usm.my
Universiti Sains Malaysia,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Prof How Yong Ng
Designation: Professor
Email Id: ceenghy@nus.edu.sg
National University of Singapore,
Prof Hao Huu Ngo
Email Id: HuuHao.Ngo@uts.edu.au
University of Technology Sydney,
Sydney, Australia
Prof Hans Oechsner
Email Id: Hans.Oechsner@uni-hohenheim.de
University of Hohenheim,
Stuttgart, Germany
Dr Anil Kumar Patel
Email Id: anilkpatel22@gmail.com
Korea University,
Seoul, South Korea
Dr Parthasarathi Ramakrishnan
Principal Scientist
Email Id: partha.ram@iitr.res.in
CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research,
Lucknow, India
Prof Maria Angeles Sanroman
Email Id: sanroman@uvigo.es
University of Vigo,
Vigo, Spain
Dr Rajesh Seth
Designation: Professor
Email Id: rseth@uwindsor.ca
University of Windsor,
Ontario, Canada
Prof Maithili Sharan
Emeritus Professor
Email Id: mathilis@cas.iitd.ac.in
Indian Institute of Technology,
New Delhi, India
Dr Rishi Narain Singh
Email Id: rnsingh@iitgn.ac.in
CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute,
Nagpur, India
Prof Mohammad Taherzadeh
Email Id: mohammad.taherzadeh@hb.se
University of Boras, Boras,
Prof Indu Shekhar Thakur
Email Id: isthakur@mail.jnu.ac.in
Jawaharlal Nehru University,
New Delhi, India
Prof Nickolas Themelis
Stanley Thompson Professor Emeritus Of Chemical Metallurgy;
Director Of The Earth Engineering Center
Email Id: njt1@columbia.edu
Columbia University,
New York, USA
Prof Daniel C W Tsang
Designation: Associate Professor
Email Id: dan.tsang@polyu.edu.hk
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
Hong Kong
Prof Rajeshwar Dayal Tyagi
Senior Professor
Email Id: tyagi@ete.inrs.ca
University of Quebec,
Quebec, Canada
Dr Mark Wilkins
Email Id: mwilkins3@unl.edu
University of Nebraska-Lincoln,
Nebraska, USA
Prof Siming You
Lecturer (Systems Power & Energy)
Email Id: Siming.You@glasgow.ac.uk
University of Glasgow,
Glasgow, UK
Prof Luciana Vandenberghe
Email Id: lvandenberghe@ufpr.br
Federal University of Parana,
Curitiba, Brazil
Dr Sunita Varjani
Scientific Officer
Email Id: drsvs18@gmail.com
Gujarat Pollution Control Board,
Gandhinagar, India
Dr S Venkata Mohan
Designation: Sr. Principal Scientist
Email: svmohan@iict.res.in
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology,
Hyderabad, India
Dr Akula Venkatram
Mechanical Engineering
Email Id: akula.venkatram@ucr.edu
University of California
Riverside, USA
Prof Zengqiang Zhang
Email Id: zqzhang@nwafu.edu.cn
Northwest A&F University,
Yangling, China